Macaulay Culkin returns to true form as Kevin McCallister for this new Google ad.

To promote their Google Assistant, they recruited Culkin to return as an adult Kevin in Home Alone with full use of his Google products to go about his day.

As he wakes up, he calls for his parents, of course, to no reply, only to ask Google what's on his calendar for the day. To which he's told that he has the house to himself.

In a series of familiar Home Alone Kevin antics from jumping on the bed (complete with the obviously older Kevin's hurt back), to the "scary" furnace in the basement when he asks Google to turn the temperature down by two degrees.

It ends with the Wet Bandits showing up outside of the McCallister home in their van, only to have "Operation Kevin" begin via Google to scare them off.

I'm glad that Culkin is finally embracing the Home Alone-ness that brought him fame. And good on Google for pulling off what is most likely the best ad to come out of this holiday season!

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