Last Friday, God Forbid split up after 17 years and last night on The Grindhouse, we posted the statement of guitarist Doc Coyle talking about leaving the band and the demise of the band. Today, drummer Corey Pierce made a statement on his Facebook page, stating that Coyle's departure was not the reason of the breakup.

Here is what Pierce had to say about the breakup:

The God Forbid break up wasn't because Doc left or any other singular reason. I know many of you out there have been asking why it happened. The thing is that there is no one reason for why it happened. Years of ups and downs, good times and bad that were experienced by all of us and shaped our fortunes or misfortune. I feel personally that we just never got over a certain hump. Both in the eyes of the industry and in our personal relationships. We are all very strong willed people who find certain compromises too hard to make. Honestly there comes a point where you never feel you will receive the respect for the time that you have put in. That's the way I have felt for some time. We are all very happy to have had tremendously loyal fans and to have made many great friends. We started this a very long time ago from a completely different headspace. Time has flown by and perspectives change,ego comes into play,outside influences contaminate situations and responsibilities of a personal nature increase. These factors in addition to a host of bad decisions we are ALL responsible for lead to this conclusion. What's in the future? No one really knows what might happen over the course of time. I for one have made my peace with whatever lies ahead of me. I bare no malice or ill intent toward anyone. I only hope as time moves forward people really understand what we have done and how very special it was. I for one will always play drums because it is a part of me that can never be lost. Thanks to everyone who loved and supported us for almost two decades. Strength and metal to all of you!

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