The stories have made their way around about the ongoing public 'battle' between Dr. Glenn Stewart and Cherry Fisher May, co-publisher of The Independent. According to eye witnesses, it got disturbingly nastier when Stewart jumped from his float and punched Erin May Fitzgerald in the face twice for tearing down a banner Stewart had on his float. Fitzgerald was knocked unconscious for approximately 5 minutes. Stewart was arrested for felony battery later last night.

The Independent has pictures of Glenn Stewart jumping from his float, and then standing over an unconscious Erin May Fitzgerald and taking pictures of her with his phone camera.

"The incident was prompted by a Mardi Gras float Stewart entered into the Independent Parade (which is not associated with The Independent newspaper) featuring Cherry Fisher May as the “driver” of the float with the warning: Caution!!! Float Driven by Cherry Fisher May. Stewart also ran Fisher May’s mug from her 2010 DUI arrest, the banner Fitzgerald had attempted to remove from the float while it was parked in the 600 block of Surrey Street before the parade got under way. Read here for more on Stewart’s relentless retaliation against this paper for its coverage of an agricultural tax loophole he took advantage of for his Parc Lafayette development at the corner of Kaliste Saloom Road and Camellia Boulevard.
Fitzgerald was issued a misdemeanor citation for disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct..."

Stewart stood over an unconscious Fitzgerald and snapped pictures with his phone.


Here's a photo of Erin May Fitzgerald's wounds.


We'll keep you updated on this as more news comes about.

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