KATC is reporting that Lafayette police have arrested Christopher Hebert, charging him with stalking and cyberstalking. The report states that the charges stem from complaints received from a woman from Lafayette Parish who claimed that Hebert "threatened her via the internet and over phone messages dating back to November, 2010."

According to The Independent, this is the same Christopher Hebert that created the insanely popular Facebook page known as "Busted in Acadiana." In a story published by The Independent they describe Hebert as

the 36-year-old immoral mastermind behind the Facebook mug shot fan page Busted in Acadiana

[via TheInd]

Last month on September 21, The Independent ran a cover story titled Busted: Busted In Acadiana and was contacted by Hebert's alleged victim, who asked to remain anonymous due to personal safety reasons.

The story publicly identified the BIA administrator as Christopher Hebert, the unemployed husband of Lafayette Police officer Amanda Hebert, and exposed several disturbing antics of the page’s creator that went far beyond publishing mug shots and other public information.

[via TheInd]

Lafayette Police Cpl. Paul Mouton confirms in the audio below that Hebert's arrest is based on complaints of electronic threats, and phone threats filed by an unidentified female victim late last year. No other details have been released but Cpl. Mouton says Hebert's charges of stalking and cyberstalking are not associated with "Busted in Acadiana."

Seeing that it was the most popular Facebook page in Acadiana makes me think that this is probably not the last we will hear of this case. If you want ALL the details, The Independent has a very extensive write up on the whole crazy story. In addition, there is a very convincing blog that goes REALLY deep to connect Christopher Hebert to "Busted in Acadiana".

If he is indeed the man behind the notorious Facebook page, I doubt we'll be seeing Christopher Hebert's mug posted there anytime soon, but then again, you never know.

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