So Christmas is right around the corner, and you're stumped on what to get the man in your life. You want to give something cool and unique, but also something that won't insult his manliness. Enter Man Cans. The scents for their candles are inspired by things guys like, such as Campfire, Sawdust and Gunpowder.

This (very) small candle company was started by 14 year old Hart Main. In a recent interview with Entrepreneur magazine, he says "It started out as a joke... My sister really didn't think I would do anything." But to prove he was serious, Main put $100 of his own money into the endeavor, and his parents put in about $200--with one stipulation: If he wasn't able to pay them back with money earned from the candle business, Main would have to reimburse them from his paper route earnings."

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