It's the nightmare scenario we all hope we don't have. You're at a gas station filling up, when some idiot decides he needs your vehicle or your money. If you're lucky, he just takes the car, but all too often the situation involves a more deadly outcome.

A spike in the number of robberies and carjackings in the area has inspired a New Orleans man to design an app that actually allows you to have fuel brought directly to your location in a safe manner. No more pulling up to a shady gas station at 2:00 am because your tank in on empty. Yoyo Nabut told WWL he launched the Fuel Up app partly due to concern for his mother, who would call him out of fear while she was filling up at the pump. He says it took about three years to develop, but the service was launched last week in the New Orleans area.

Nabut tells WWL “Our method is park, pin, pop. So park your car, pin the location, and pop your gas tank. The app will pull the nearest stations around you and that price will be the price you pay so it’s very competitive."

The contactless delivery gas service is currently available in the area from New Orleans East to the river parishes, but will soon be in the Northshore area as well. The delivery drivers are haz-mat certified, and hopefully, they will be able to branch out to other areas of the state because this sounds like something we've needed for a while. Find out more about the Fuel Up app in the video from WWL below.


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