The 28th Annual Festival International de Louisiane got kicked off last night. With all the people who attend, it's easy to lose your party, especially if you are not getting a cell signal. LUS has teamed up with Festival International to have free Wifi for festival goers.


For Festival board member Craig Minnick, he hopes it will remembered on social media with the addition of free wifi at one of this years stages.


"Of all the things that it could do for Festival and not just the basics we have today for wifi, people can sit there and they can chat with their friends, they can pull up the app and see where they want to go next, still do their scheduling, they can Skype and do all types of fun things at that particular point," Minnick said.


At Parc Putnam, where Scene TV 5 Monde is located, wifi has been installed throughout the area. Whether you're sitting on a park bench watching the performance or walking through the area posting to social media, you'll always be connected.


"To be able to not only use it for technology, but also sharing the arts. I mean what makes Lafayette really great is the people and the culture here, I think, more than anything else and this helps us really highlight that," LUS Director Terry Huval said.


Huval also says the free wifi will also free up the spectrum space in the area. He says in years past it would be difficult to receive calls and send messages. He hopes the added wifi can help resolve those issues for the sake of safety and convenience. If all goes well, expansion of the wifi to other areas of festival could be in the future.


"This is really just the test bed. We're dipping our foot in the pond to basically see what we can do for festival and using this technology moving forward," Minnick said.


To connect, go into the wifi settings on your phone. If you're posting to social media they ask that you use the hashtag #FiberWifi when using the LUS Fiber hotspot.

Here is the official Festival International 2014 lineup video:

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