The festival is scheduled for the week of April 24 - 28, 2019, in Downtown Lafayette.

Ryboreddit posted to the Acadiana subreddit that, out of 2,600 volunteers needed each year to support Festival International, only 305 have signed up so far.

There is (sic) only 305 volunteers who have signed up for Festival, out of 2600!

Please, consider volunteering for Festival International de Louisiane. It's free to attend, but not free to produce. Festival, last year, was over 1000 volunteers short of what was needed. -  Ryboreddit, reddit/r/acadiana

Volunteers perform duties that vary from merch sales, beverage sales, recycling, artist parking coordinator, Musicians' Village Cafe' attendant and many more.

This festival is free for anyone to attend, and a big part of the reason it's free is because of the volunteers who give of themselves to help make Acadiana such a great place!


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