It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how ridiculously and unnecessarily animated you get during the pregame speech.

Proving once again that motivational speech-giving should be a major, this video captures a fraternity brother going balls to the wall to fire up his brothers for a clearly very important flag football game. Watch this and ask yourself is it any wonder that so many people think so ill of frat boys?

Dude clearly had one too many Red Bulls before launching into this speech, which leaves us with two very powerful thoughts: 1) his mastery of the F-bomb proves he’s probably not an English major and 2) the Jacksonville Jaguars may want to sign him up to give pregame pep talks in the hopes of getting the team to show a pulse.

Whatever you choose to focus on, there is one fact you can’t deny: dude will never live this down, although some employer may be inclined to hire him just so he can fire everyone up on the company softball team.

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