A reporter with FOX 26 in Houston, Tx said that she was going to expose her company and some colleagues about censoring what she can and cannot report on.

While Ivory Hecker was out in the field covering the heatwave sweeping across the region, she took time to mention that she has secret recordings in her possession that she will release, which shows media bias by her company.

I don't think anyone at this local television station saw this one coming and I have a feeling that Hecker has some explaining to do with those in charge at the station.

After she mentioned what her intentions are, Hecker went on to cover the heatwave that is damaging AC units in the Houston area.

Here's the report from Houston, Tx.

Since this has aired and has made its way across the internet many are now chiming in on Hecker's report and promise to viewers of FOX 26.

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