According to, a $3.26 million purchase offer has been put in, which is what the property was appraised for.

The offer for the 224-acre site will be considered by the economic development board that owns the former Six Flags park.

The developer who made the offer hopes to bring back a Jazzland type of amusement park to the area.

The first phase of construction wouldn't be on an amusement park. Instead it would be the beginning of a $120 million mixed-used development housing retail, dining, and other tenants. The development would continue over several years.

The original idea was to have the park restored, and operational by 2018 - the city's tricentennial. Unfortunately there's not enough time to roll out such a large project that quickly.

Two of the rollercoasters that are on the property were inspected, and are able to be restored. The rest of the rides will be removed, with new equipment being installed on the foundations of the old rides.

The amusement park was abandoned after Hurricane Katrina. It is unlawful for trespassers to be on the property. People still visit the site of the former amusement park, as seen in the video below.

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