What do you call a party with no snacks? Snack-a-lackin'...

Ok, all "dad jokes" aside Super Bowl party goers might be a little disappointed in the snack department this year when it comes to everyone's favorite dip, guacamole.

According to the Daily Mail, "the Mexican government's efforts to clamp down on years of mounting fuel theft has a prompted a week-long fuel shortage that has left many states in central and western Mexico high and dry."

Mexican producers send thousands of tons of avocados to the U.S. every February, but the fuel shortage may see a drastic decrease in the fruit being sent state side. And you know what that means. No avocados, no guacamole.

It's heartbreaking news to hear, I know. But looking the bright side, you'll still be able to munch on pizza, wings, and other things during the big game. The guac might just have to sit this game out.

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