This is straight out of a movie. Truck smashes into store, as masked burglars rush in to steal the ATM.

This stunning footage captures one of two heists that took place in Jefferson Parish on August 13th, and 19th.

The video starts as you can see the truck maneuvering to hit at just the right angle. The driver came extremely close as he crashed through the store, destroying coolers, shelves, and products. The truck, which was stolen, then pulls forward before smashing back into the store, seemingly to hit the ATM, and then pulls back out.

That's when masked men rush in, attempting to fully dislodge the ATM from the wall. The truck then crashes through the store for a third time, this time hitting the ATM, and successfully removing it so that the masked men can pull it into the bed of the truck.

Two men have been captured in the incident, and booked on two counts of simple burglary, aggravated criminal damage, and two counts each of auto theft. Police are still looking for additional suspects in the thefts.

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