Lollapalooza’s luster has faded a bit since its Buzz Bin-raiding early ’90s heyday as the premiere rock festival in all the land, but it’s still going strong. In fact, they traveled to Chile last weekend, drawing more than 50,000 fans to a lineup that included Bjork, TV on the Radio, Band of Horses, and the headlining Foo Fighters.

The Foos delivered an epic two-and-a-half hour set that made room for the band’s greatest hits (including ‘Everlong’ and ‘This Is a Call’) as well as some judiciously chosen covers (such as the Who‘s ‘Young Man Blues,’ Pink Floyd‘s ‘In the Flesh,’ and Joan Jett‘s ‘Bad Reputation,’ which they’ve taken to playing repeatedly on their latest tour). And when they weren’t rocking those in attendance, they took some time out to deliver a little Lollapalooza history lesson for the audience.

Going out of his way to praise Jane’s Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell, head Foo Dave Grohl told the crowd that the festival “changed the world.” Which might be overstating things a little, but hey, when you’re jacked on adrenaline and talking to 50,000 screaming Chileans, sometimes things get blown out of proportion. It happens to the best of us. Do you agree with Dave? And when was the last time you went to Lollapalooza?

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