We're all guilty of pouring things down the drain that can do more harm than good, but did you ever pour any of these down the drain? There could be problems down the road if you have.

Here are FIVE things that you should NEVER pour down the drain:

  1. Grease, Cooking Oil, or Butter: When they mix with other things they can cause a thick sludge in the drain. They also say mayonnaise can cause the same problem.
  2. Egg Shells: They can break the blades on your garbage disposal and clog up the drain. Not to mention, that noise it make when grinding the shells is annoying.
  3. Coffee Grounds: If you put this down your drain they can stick and cause clogging. Avoid the problem.
  4. Pasta and Rice: After it's put down the drain it can expand when wet. Now, if a little goes down don't freak out, However, avoid putting large amounts of rice or pasta down the drain!!
  5. Flour: Wen mixed with water flour can be like glue down the drain. This can cause severe clogging and to reverse it can be messy.

We hope this acts as a reminder to you when it comes to putting things down the drain. Like you, I've often heard that you can put anything and everything down the drain, but that's not true.

Now we know.

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