Since the inception of the SafeLight / SafeSpeed program in Lafayette, some citizens have made it a bit of a game avoiding paying the fines associated with it. Currently, Lafayette Consolidated Government is owed over $5 Million dollars in past due fines and fees. Now, the City Parish Council may take a tougher stance on violators.

Chris Welty from KATC TV3 reports that "If the council approves, driver's who don't pay their fines could be sent to a collection agency. If the fine still isn't paid, driver's could face lawsuits and go to court.

Collecting fines may not be easy. Depending how old the violation is and the time it would take to prosecute, the case could be beyond the statute of limitations.

"I can assure you we will do everything that we can to make sure there are consequences for those who don't play by the rules and we do justice for the good people of Lafayette," said City-Parish President Joey Durel.

The City Parish Council meeting starts at 5:30 tonight at L.C.G. Right now construction is pending on 17 more Safe-Light, Safe-Speed sites."

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