Here is a surveillance camera image of missing Lafayette woman Mickey Shunick riding home early Saturday morning.

Here is another photo taken from the same camera right after Mickey passed here.


In the image above, it looks like the tailgate on the truck is open.

This is the latest information from KATC:

Detectives were able to identify a bicyclist believed to be Mickey Shunick traveling on Versailles Blvd and Saint Landry Street. At approximately 1:47 am the bicyclist is captured on Versailles Blvd traveling towards St. John Street. She then traveled on St. John Street and crossed over University Avenue, continuing west on St. Landry Street where she was captured on video at approximately 1:48 pm. Investigators are seeking information regarding a white newer model four door pickup truck, which was captured on video after Mickey Shunick traveled on both streets.

Charlene Shunick, sister of Mickey, had this to say about the truck via Facebook:

ATTENTION EVERYONE! THAT IS NOT THE EXACT TRUCK WE ARE LOOKING FOR! IT IS A TRUCK OF SIMILAR MAKE AND MODEL. PLEASE DO NOT FIXATE ON THAT EXACT TRUCK!!!! we are looking for a 4-door white pickup truck with similar features! if anyone in the area has one similar and wants to step up so we can start ruling people out please contact the hotline and the lafayette police department! REPOST THIS!

The reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of Mickey Shunick is now at $25,000. If you have any info leading to her whereabouts, call the Lafayette Police Department tipsline at 337-291-8633.

Here is the type of bike that she rides:


For more information, like FIND MICKEY SHUNICK NOW on Facebook and when posting on Twitter, use hashtags #mickeyshunick, #findmickeyshunick, #bringmickeyhome and #findmickey.

Also, here is a third photo that was just released by the Lafayette Police Department:



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