Today is Guy Fawkes Day. Remember Remember the Fifth of November... Anonymous has allegedly said that they would target Facebook on this day. They're doing so because Zynga has laid off many of it's employees and Anonymous has deemed that unnecessary. Facebook pulls in a decent revenue from Zynga games. Keep reading for more details. 

From Inquisitr:

Anonymous argues that Zynga still has plenty of cash reserves on hand, enough to keep its employees on the payroll while fighting to regain its market dominance.

The hacking initiative has said it would also hack Zynga games and release them for free download on Monday.


On the Anonymous website the group is calling the plan “operation maZYNGA.” In its typical grandiose fashion, Anonymous says the move to fire its workers will bring about “the end of the US game market as we know it.”
Anonymous did not say how they will take down Facebook servers. You may recall that the group claimed it would take down Facebook on November 5 of last year, a day that came and went without so much as a single hiccup to the Facebook infrastructure.


So, will it actually happen?? Be on the lookout! And be checking for free Zynga games in the App store and Google Play.

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