“It’s just a lot of noise and commotion!” Check out this new video of elders reacting to Bring Me the Horizon.

Fine Brothers Entertainment is one of YouTube’s most popular channels, releasing a seemingly endless series of “React” videos like “Elders React to Slipknot,” “Teens React to Nirvana” and even “Babymetal Reacts to YouTubers React to Babymetal.”

Bring Me the Horizon is the latest act to be thrust in front of unsuspecting elders, who had a wide range of opinions regarding the British band. The individuals of advanced age were shown three BMTH videos: “Throne,” “Shadow Moses” and “Follow You.”

During a viewing of “Throne,” one woman had a hilarious comment calling BMTH “boy band meets metal” while one gentlemen said, “These guys are scary.” The heavier “Shadow Moses” seemed to divide the generations further, with one nice lady feeling more concerned about the lads performing without jackets in the middle of the snow. Some of the elders seemed to be impressed by the ferocity of Oli Sykes’ voice, while others questioned why he needed to yell so much. As for the reactions to “Follow You,” it was the gore-infested music video which drew the best responses.

Unsurprisingly, many of the elders didn’t vibe with Bring Me the Horizon, with some calling the music “absolutely horrible” and “too harsh, too angry.” Some of the older folks were refreshingly open-minded about Bring Me the Horizon, however, so check out the clip above to see the full spectrum of reactions.

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