Oh, a Florida man delivers again.

The latest story comes out of Fort Myers where one Ronald Zul had a bit of an incident at a Wendy's there. Seems that ol' Ronald and his Hummer decided to meet up with another car in the parking lot.

Ronald apparently was a bit tipsy and decided to drive away without telling anyone. Deputies from Lee County were called out to pursue him.

Once at Ronald's home, police were told by his wife that her hubby was the one behind the wheel but he was not home. He jumped into a different car when he went home.

Police eventually caught up to him. When he was pulled over, Ronald couldn't even stand on his own. Oh, he also became hostile and resisted arrest.

Ronnie boy was then taken to a local hospital for treatment, at which time deputies said he was cursing at everyone inside. He even stripped his hospital clothes off and yanked off his IV.

After being cleared from the hospital (and putting his dang clothes back on), he was taken to jail on a DUI charge. He's since sobered up and bonded out.

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