Several months after parting ways with singer Ryan McCombs, Drowning Pool have unveiled his replacement. Jasen Moreno from another Dallas band, the Suicide Hook, is the group’s new vocalist. Moreno made his live debut July 8 at a gig in Ardmore, Okla., and there is video footage available from their July 10 show in Indiana.

In a May interview, Guitarist C.J. Pierce said Drowning Pool is in the process of working on a new album, tentatively due for an October release.

“We’ve been in the studio. Drowning Pool is recording a new record. We have three weeks left. I’ve been in the studio all year long and I haven’t gone out at all — 12-hour days, seven days a week; I’m not kidding. . . We were fortunate… Things have been, the last few years… I mean, things are flowing again. It’s been great. . . But the new record is heavier, there’s more metal on it, there’s a lot of double bass, a lot of guitar solos… stepping up a notch.”

In addition to Drowning Pool, Pierce has joined the supergroup Voodoo Corps, which also includes Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce along with former Nonpoint members Zach Broderick on guitar and Ken MacMillan on bass.

Moreno is Drowning Pool’s third different vocalist since the tragic death of Dave Williams in 2002. Williams passed away after their platinum debut album ‘Sinner.’ The song ‘Bodies’ from that album remains their biggest hit, and was recently named one of Loudwire’s Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs.

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