Drew Brees got all of the Twitterverse up in arms over his tweet on Sunday insinuating that he could be coming back to play football.

Hold what you got. We don't think that's going to happen, and the reason is pretty simple.

But first, let's revisit that now semi-infamous tweet from Sunday evening.

There are a lot of things to digest from what he wrote. But, keep in mind, this came on the heels of him being outed at NBC after just one year of working as a studio analyst for Sunday Night Football, color commentator for Notre Dame football games, and in the booth for a pair of NFL broadcasts.

Did he get fired or was the parting mutual? Who knows.

What we do know is that in the aforementioned tweet he said that he "may play football again." And that's all that folks needed to see to get the rumor mill churning.

Now, remember, Brees still eats up $11.5 million in dead cap space for the New Orleans Saints in 2022. It's the last year before he comes off the books.

A Saints reunion on the money front would be hard too given their salary cap situation. And then as we know, they've already committed to Jameis Winston being the starting quarterback for the next year or two after he signed a two-year contract with the team in the offseason.

We all know of his injuries towards the end of his tenure in Black & Gold. That year off didn't just magically heal him of all his ailments. Actually, he just had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago.

And in the following Instagram post, you can see he's playing around with us then too.

ESPN reporter Ed Werder also doesn't think there is anything to Brees' tweet. He reminded folks of the shoulder surgery and the fact that his sources tell him that Drew would "be physically unable to play until at least September or October."

There is no way the Saints would want Brees back in the quarterback fold without being able to work out with the team in the offseason and acclimate himself to the new receivers, etc.

He could do it, yes. But it just doesn't seem like the best path to success.

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