Drew Brees is not someone who just sits around killing time. If he's not playing in the post-season, you won't find him eating chips on the couch all day. Apparently, you'll find him in the jungle hunting crocodiles with his bare hands. You think Coach Payton knew about this ahead of time?

Last off-season, Brees went to a jungle in Panama with Bear Grylls. To survive in the jungle, or anywhere for that matter, you gotta eat. When Drew and Bear happened upon a 6-foot crocodile in the wild, they both knew they had to make it dinner.

Like some sort of cheetah-human hybrid, Drew pounced on the croc like he was so hungry he hadn't eaten in a week!

Brees and Bear then proceeded to make their catch into a yummy jungle dinner. I bet he even ate this bad boy raw.

Not only did Brees hunt this crocodile, but he also jumped out of a helicopter. Pretty sure this sort of behavior is probably frowned upon by Coach Payton.

Well, frowned upon if Brees wasn't such a completely amazing super human wizard!




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