A Zimbabwe father was forced to fight a large crocodile in order to save his sons life. While Tafadzwa Kachere and his 11-year-old son, Tapiwa, were crossing a river after working in the family's garden, Tapiwa was attacked by the crocodile. Keep reading to hear Kachere's account of what happened.

Kachere's son was following behind him through the river when the large crocodile latched onto Tapiwa's left leg.

From Inquisitr:

“I took the risk… trying to force open the jaws with my hands. I failed to open the crocodile’s mouth and resorted to poking its mouth with reeds while seated on its back.”


The crocodile eventually let go of Tapiwa's leg, but then latched onto Kachere's hand.

“I struggled with it until we both got out of the water and I was still on top of it. I poked its eyes several times until it released my injured hand.”


While they both survived, doctors were forced to amputate Tapiwa's leg. The saddest part of this story is that Kachere says his son still thinks he will get his leg back.

The doctors expect Kachere's hand to fully recover. The family is attempting to raise money for an artificial limb for Tapiwa, as they cannot afford one themselves.

That brings up the question, "What WOULDN'T you fight to save your child?"

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