If you plan on getting married in 2019, don't do it on this date if you live in south Louisiana.

To all brides in south Louisiana, if you are planning your wedding date DO NOT get married on November 9, 2019. Reason being, that is the date for the LSU/Alabama game.

I have already seen a few brides-to-be reschedule their big day for this very reason. Sure, the wedding should take precedence over a football game, but not all guests see it like this.

In the past, brides have been forced to have televisions set up at the reception hall when the Tigers play BAMA. Guests have made it clear, they want to see the game.

Often this game is in a primetime slot and airs late in the evening. It is also consistently one of the highest rated college football games of the year.

If you want to avoid this on your big day, you may want to look for another date to tie the knot in 2019.

To see the 2019-20 LSU Football schedule, click HERE.