A parade rolled through St. Martinville on Christmas Day, but the city had no clue about it.

According to KATC, that parade is still the talk of the town and city leaders still have questions. Councilman Mike Fuselier said that no permits were issued for the small parade.

Christmas day I got multiple texts and videos about a parade going through St. Martinville with trains and bikes and I’m just kind of wondering how that occurred without a permit,” said Councilman Mike Fuselier.

Some people wondered why the unauthorized parade didn't stop once it got rolling. Councilman Craig Prosper suggests that any authorities that may have seen the parade probably assumed it was legit.

We’ve had a few incidents where the officers have sat back because they thought people were involved. That needs to stop.

Police Chief Ricky Martin says his department wasn't aware of the parade until it was over and the two officers he had working were dealing with calls "in a different part of the city at the time."

KATC's Katie Garcia spoke with Mayor Melinda Mitchell who said she had no clue about the parade even though it was rumored that she was involved.

It was actually said that I was in the parade riding my bicycle which is incorrect because I was at my house Christmas day. If there wasn’t a permit we were supposed to issue a citation or shut it down. I’m not sure exactly who gave the parade at this point, but moving forward we need to address the issue.

Questions still surround the parade. We'll keep you posted with any developments to this story.

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