Hurricanes Laura and Delta packed quite a one-two punch. While Lafayette didn't get hit as hard as Lake Charles and their surrounding areas, the Hub City still felt the powerful impacts of the two monster storms.

Both storms left behind quite a bit of debris for residents to clean. Delta left behind more debris - 387,670 cubic yards of it, according to Lafayette Consolidated Government. Laura left behind 31,222 cubic yards.

Specialized trucks have completed two passes throughout Lafayette Parish to get rid of the waste for residents. But, in a press release, Lafayette Consolidated Government says they are no longer collecting debris. So, what do you do if you still have debris?

If you haven't done so yet or you believe your pickup was missed, LCG urges you to move your debris to the curb as soon as possible and call 337-291-8529 to ask for collection, which is expected to be completed within 30 days.

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