Oooh-what-what-what-what!? Either Disturbed frontman David Draiman has never seen Jaws or he's one brave man. The band has been touring through Australia in recent days and the singer took some time to enjoy the unique and dangerous opportunity to swim with great white sharks in Port Lincoln... with the protection of a steel cage, of course!

Sitting in the car before hopping on a "puddle jumper" plane, Draiman joked (video above), "Either we'll have a very successful rest of the tour or you guys will have a nice insurance policy to collect on" and mentioned that this event was on his bucket list. Looking nervously excited on the boat leading up to the dive, Draiman soaked in his surroundings on the water before receiving instruction.

Bloody chunks of bait were tossed into the water to to lure in the great white sharks as Draiman was outfitted with diving gear before being dropped into the steel cage. Once the singer was submerged, we're treated to a spectacular view of a school of fish surrounded by two deadly ocean predators. The last footage seen before Draiman is brought back to the surface and onboard is a shark lunging toward the steel confines, mouth agape. We're sure the singer felt Indestructible in that cage!

It's been a memorable trip Down Under for Disturbed as they were presented with a Platinum plaque for for their latest album, Immortalized, and a double platinum plaque for their "Sound of Silencer" single, a cover originally done by Simon and Garfunkel.

Disturbed will be releasing their new live album, Live at Red Rocks, this Friday (Nov. 18). The show was recorded at Colorado's legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in August earlier this year and will feature 16 tracks lined with hits like "Down With the Sickness," "Ten Thousand Fists" and more.

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