If you look hard enough you can find something that offends you every day. I suppose some people spend their days doing just that. All you have to do is check out social media sites and you'll find someone whose skin just isn't as thick as the majority.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disney theme parks around the world has featured a scene that depicted women being auctioned off as brides. True, it's not really politically correct by today's terms but in the context in which it is viewed, I never thought it was too out of place. Especially when you consider this is an amusement park ride.

Obviously, I am cold and inconsiderate because Disney is now taking steps to rework that particular scene. Instead of the scene depicting a human auction, it will now depict a female pirate berating townspeople to surrender their worldly possessions. It's still not exactly politically correct but I guess it's better than human trafficking.

This isn't the first time that Disney has modified the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. They've made some subtle changes in the past to take some of the edges off of the debauchery that was originally depicted in the original ride.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a theme park attraction and not an actual historically accurate depiction of life during the days of the buccaneers. However, pirate movies and Disney rides might be the only history that some people will ever study on the subject.

Disney says they will be making the modifications to the attraction in its various theme parks over the next few months. This modification will occur when the ride is closed for annual maintenance. Chances are most people won't ever notice. To be honest, if someone else had not pointed this change out, I would have sailed right on by without a clue too.

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