As strange of a bird as Johnny Depp is, it's quite obvious that he cares about his fans. Especially his younger fans.

Depp has appeared in costume as Captain Jack Sparrow for children in hospital, and read them stories in character. Now, seemingly without notice, he showed up at Disneyland, and replaced what is usually a mechanical version of ole Captain Jack.

I haven't been to Disneyland, but I have been to Disney World a number of times throughout my life. In my opinion, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was much better before they changed it to incorporate the movies. With all of the material they have from the movies, somehow, they actually took the life OUT of the ride, instead of add to it.

I can say that all of that opinion would go out of the window if actual Johnny Depp was in the ride in full Captain Jack Sparrow costume/character addressing the guests!

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