We all felt good last week after a photo of a New Orleans Saints fan helping a disabled New York Giants fan stand during the National Anthem at the game at MetLife Stadium on Sept. 30th. The photo went viral, and that Giants fan has written a letter to the editor of NOLA.com, and it's a follow up that is even more amazing than we would have wanted.

The Giants fan is John Sullivan, and the Saints fan is Geordie Brower. Sullivan's letter to the editor is below. Thank you Mr Sullivan, and Mr Brower for restoring our faith in humanity, and reminding us to always be kind...

My name is John Sullivan, and I was the handicapped man being held by a Saints fan during the National Anthem at MetLife Stadium Sept. 30. I would like to thank Geordie Brower for being such a gentleman for helping me so I was able to stand and hold my hat over my heart. I have made a friend for life.

What people didn't get to see was when I had to leave I have a hard time climbing up the stairway. So many fans from both teams were willing to work together to help me it had me tearing up. In the end, it was MetLife security that pretty much carried me up the stairway.

Well, now you know my name and the whole story, and I don't have to be known as the handicapped man. It's hard enough to live it, but it also hurts to be constantly called it.

John Sullivan

Staten Island, N.Y.

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