ricky gervais

Ricky Gervais was a bit controversial when he hosted the Golden Globes last year. He went on quite a few tangents, poking fun at many of the 'stars' that were in the room. Some celebrities praised Gervais for it, others said it was uncalled for. This year, while still spitting some witty banter, Gervais was noticeably toned down from last years hilarities, but still pretty funny. Check out his opening monologue where he pokes fun at Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp, and more.

He starts off by saying, "Where was I?" Which is a good start, but to be honest, getting right to making fun of the Kardashian's is a bit too easy for ya, Ricky. You can definitely do much better. I will say this though, his dark red suit is pretty bad ass.

What do you think? Did Ricky Gervais kneel before Zod and bow out of his usual racy comments? Was he just not as creative this year? Or was he equally as funny? Your thoughts?

For a reminder of what last years Golden Globes were like. Here's his opening monologue from the 2011 GG.

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