DevilDriver's Dez Fafara is known for being one of the most intense singers and performers in metal music today. The band's following continues to grow with six studio albums under their belts, including their latest release ‘Winter Kills,’ which is their first album via Napalm Records.

When we sat down with Fafara, he talked all about creating ‘Winter Kills’ and how the album as a whole was “more inclusive” and “cohesive.” He also spoke about lead single ‘Ruthless,’ as well as ‘The Appetite’ and some of his other favorite songs off of the new disc.

Fafara describes DevilDriver as the “square peg in a round hole in the metal industry” because they don’t quite fit into just one genre or sub-genre. This led to their fans calling them the “California Groove Machine.”

The frontman also recalls recent events in his life and within the band that impacted ‘Winter Killls’ and notes that, “There’s a very positive vibe going on.” With the band being signed to a new record label and having a new full time bass player, Fafara goes on to say that all of these different ingredients “add to this rebirth of what’s going on within DevilDriver.”

Check out our exclusive video interview with Dez Fafara above and be sure to pick up DevilDriver's latest album 'Winter Kills' at iTunes.

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