If what we've seen at Home Depot is any indication Americans are not going to let an invisible virus rob them of Halloween fun this year. The big-box retailer recently put several Halloween decorations on sale a few weeks early ahead of the normal release date for such decorations. The surprising results were that the items sold out in record time.

By the way, if you haven't looked at your calendar. It's still mid-August. Halloween is a full two and half months away and already retailers that are offering decorations for the holiday are having trouble keeping them in stock.

Lucas Ludwig via Unsplash.com

Analysts see this kind of buying activity as a sign that Americans are not going to let the coronavirus rob them of their holiday spirit. Even if the spirit of the Halloween season is based on death and other spooky subjects. Which is kind of ironic considering the current health emergency the nation and the world find themselves in.

This kind of buying activity also bodes well for the Christmas season too. Granted almost all of us complain every year about the Christmas season starting earlier and earlier. This year it might behoove you to purchase those holiday decorations as soon as you can.

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Based on sales records from last year Home Depot had its most successful Halloween season ever. The retailer said their supply of 12-foot skeletons was sold out before October, a full month ahead of the holiday.

Walmart, Target, and other big-box retailers are certainly hoping the decorating trend continues as those retailers have upped their game on holiday decorations for this year as well. Retail analysts suspect that Americans are looking for diversions to take their minds off the current uncertainty our society is facing today with coronavirus case counts rising in almost every state in the union.

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So let this be a cautionary tale for those of you who enjoy strutting your stuff for Halloween and Christmas. If you want to decorate you better shop early. By early we mean, now. Many retailers are forecasting sellouts of some of their more popular items weeks ahead of the actual holidays.

I mean, I'd hate to hear how your holiday was ruined because you couldn't find a skeleton on a snowboard or Santa on a motorcycle to put up in your yard. Better shop now and avoid the rush so you can be "the house" on your block in your neighborhood.

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