If there was anyone who could be the poster child for the safety of COVID vaccines, it could be the man who has reportedly gotten 90 jabs.

According to ABC News, a German man whose name was not released due to privacy laws reportedly had himself vaccinated 90 times so that he could sell vaccination cards with legit batch numbers to those who didn't want to get the shot.

Authorities believe the man "received up to 90 COVID vaccine shots" over the course of a few months until police caught on to his scheme after he showed up for his second shot at the same vaccination center on the same day.

He was caught at a vaccination center in Eilenburg in Saxony when he showed up for a COVID-19 shot for the second day in a row. Police confiscated several blank vaccination cards from him and initiated criminal proceedings.

Police did not arrest the man but he currently remains under investigation for "unauthorized issuance of vaccination cards and document forgery."

The report goes on to say that while the man did get multiple brands of the jab, it is not clear what kind of issues (if any) he has faced when it comes to his personal health.

While there have been numerous reports of vaccination card forgery and fraud, this may be one of the wildest stories to date—especially given the possibility of future health complications due to the extreme amount of jabs in such a short period of time.

If there is any good news to share is that with COVID numbers remaining low in the U.S., many restrictions involving vaccination cards and masking have been lifted so hopefully we'll see fewer of these stories moving forward.

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