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Deftones as-yet-untitled album was supposed to hit our earholes in September. Seems we'll have to wait a little longer.

There's no exact date, yet, but singer Chino Moreno recently spoke with WSOU about the album:

“I think October or November now, probably November, as of today we are rushing to get our thank you’s our credits and all that stuff turned in. Once the music turned in which should be hopefully in the next couple of weeks there is still some mixing and mastering to be done. But the recordings all done the songs are all there, they are awesome we’re excited about it. We’re just dealing with the stuff now, putting all the artwork and everything together. And then a few months for them—the powers that be—to prepare it to be released.”

He goes on to say that there's a tentative release date of November 20th, but that could also change.

On their current tour with Incubus that just passed through New Orleans last Sunday (8/16), the band purposefully didn't play any new material. Moreno told The Pulse Of Radio:

"We contemplated it a little bit, we talked about it," he said. "But with, you know, YouTube and things like that, it's like, by the time people hear the real recorded version, a live version recorded on someone's camera phone will be people's first idea of what our new record sounds like. I really don't think we wanted to take that step yet. But yeah, it is sort of hard 'cause we're sitting on all this material that we're really excited about and really want to play."

We hope to see Deftones back in the area after the album's release, and they route their proper tour!

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