There’s good news to report concerning Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who appears to be improving after being admitted to the ICU late last week for pneumonia.

In a new update at the website from the musician’s mother, it looks as though he’s responding to treatment. Momma J. says in a new update, “He looked better than we had expected. He was quite aware of what was going on. He is still on life support and not enjoying the tube down his throat. He did respond to us and they are going to try and wean him off the breathing machine tomorrow. When they tried today, he did not do well, but he has been on it before and gotten off without incident.”

The bassist’s mother added that he has been sedated off and on, but is aware that he is near home. The musician recently made the journey from a New Jersey facility where he was being treated to one closer to his California home after fans funded the trip.

Cheng has been in a semi-conscious state since a 2008 auto accident, but has made significant strides in the past year. His mother states that his family is reading all the comments sent by fans and is aware that prayers and love are being sent his way. She concludes, “Thank you all again for the prayers and support! He wanted so much to be home and you all brought him to California and to his family. We are so grateful! Please keep him lifted in prayer. Blessings to you all family!”

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