Since parting ways with Slayer earlier this year, drummer Dave Lombardo has been branching out musically. The acclaimed stickman's most recent appearance came in a somewhat surprising venue as he joined the Golden State Pops onstage.

Lombardo sat in with the orchestra as they were performing some movie themes for the crowd in attendance and he got to show off his chops while driving the beats for the 'Ghost Rider' theme. Footage of the performance, which includes a few headbanging string players, can be seen above.

Earlier this year Lombardo turned up with a guest appearance on Sepultura's new 'The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart' album. He turns up on a track called 'Obsessed' that finds Lombardo in a drum jam with Sepultura's Eloy Cassagrande.

While Lombardo has yet to reveal his next musical venture, he does have his other band Philm which he can now dedicate more time to.

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