Dave Lombardo's split with Slayer has not exactly been friendly, with both the drummer and his former bandmates exchanging acrimonious words. However, in a new interview, Lombardo says he wouldn't rule out a return to the legendary metal band.

Lombardo was ousted from Slayer in early 2013 after griping about the finances of the band. The drummer had claimed that he saw very little money from the band's touring revenue. In the months since, he has levied some harsh words at his former bandmates, criticizing their business practices and claiming that he wrote the drum parts on most of their upcoming album.

But in a new interview on Eddie Trunk's podcast, Lombardo says he would return to the band to please the fans. "Would I go back? For the fans, and to retire that band correctly, I'm not gonna close any doors," explains Lombardo. "Like I said before, when all this went down, my door's open, and that's basically all I have to say."

Lombardo added that he has not spoken to any Slayer band members since the passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman in May of 2013. "There hasn't been any communication between the guys and myself."

To hear more from Lombardo, including his take on today's music industry, listen to the Eddie Trunk podcast here.

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