Legendary thrash blueprinters Dark Angel have been discussing a potential reunion, and in response, metal fans have rejoiced! Rumors have been going around about shows already booked or festivals Dark Angel will play at, but various members of the band who are currently discussing a reunion, including an alternate vocalist, have written statements to set the record straight.

News of Dark Angel's possible return to the stage broke on Aug. 16 to the delight of thrashers everywhere. Drummer Gene Hoglan and original vocalist Don Doty revealed that they had reconnected, later spreading the word to fans through written statements. It's unclear which of the many past Dark Angel members would be recruited for a reunion, but guitarist Jim Durkin has claimed that he won't take the stage unless singer Ron Rinehart, who replaced Don Doty in 1987, was tapped to front the band.

Durkin writes:

When I was last in the band Ron Rinehart was my singer. And IF the band were to come back and continue. he would STILL be my singer. He was our Rock when we needed him and there is NO WAY I would do this without him. He and I talk daily and are as close now as ever. If anything all this talk has brought us all back into more frequent contact! Which is a wonderful thing.

I wish the very best for any ex DA member in their endeavors. In fact I encourage them to write their own music come up with their own band name and get out there and play! But to lead the fans to believe anyone other than RON would be fronting Dark Angel, and that this band will be allowed to do anything without its Key Members just is not true.

The Legend cannot truly "Return" unless the KEY members are on board!
I look forward to 2014.And I believe we can make some special things happen!

This creates a bit of confusion regarding a Dark Angel reconnection, as Don Doty was the first to speak of the reunion along with Gene Hoglan. Rinehart released his own statement about Dark Angel reunion rumors, although he does not deny or confirm his potential involvement:

In regards to Dark Angel and the present situation: Dark Angel has at no time given any authorization to any of our former members to book shows, personal appearances etc. Any shows promises, personal appearances etc. Fall under the responsibility of the individual who made those promises not Dark Angel the music group.

Dark Angel believes in providing our incredible fans with the best show that we can possibly deliver, as well as protecting our valued legacy.

Any future statements will come from Dark Angel or our management.

Bassist Mike Gonzalez also commented on a possible Dark Angel reunion:

I just want to make a statement about the possibility of a Dark Angel reunion. It is true that we are talking about doing a run next year, but we are still in the early stages of this discussion. We all plan to sit down together in the near future and reconnect and jam a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing the guys again. We will keep you posted as things develop. I can’t emphasize enough that this is just discussing a reunion. I have not agreed to any appearances yet. Hopefully, things will work out.

Meanwhile, Hoglan has chimed in once again on the matter, releasing his own updated statement on the current Dark Angel situation:

“I'm here to state that again, DFA is still talking about doing shows in 2014. As of now, none of the members have booked anything in regards to fests or individual dates. Of course, there are the rumors of certain fests being booked, but any talks that may have occurred, were done so without the ENTIRE bands' knowledge and acquiescence, and therefore cannot be deemed as credible. One thing that holds true to us is that we feel that Dark Angel's legacy is in danger of being tarnished if these random acts were to continue. There are a host of valid reasons why Dark Angel has been slow to react to the myriad offers we have received in the past to reunite, but the most important reason is that we wish to do the greatest service possible to our fans, and if that means the time has yet to be right, then the time has not been right. And, concerning the immediate future of 2014, if the time and conditions are not right, then again, they will not be right for all involved. Most importantly, our fans.

We do realize that yes, reunions are quite the norm these days. Dark Angel however, has never conformed to the norm, and we refuse to reunite unless we can come back and give our fans the most stellar situation possible. Which is precisely what we are working towards behind the scenes. We greatly appreciate everyone's enthusiastic response to the possibility of a proper reunion, and as a unit, Dark Angel will do what will be best. For us and our amazing fan base. Again, we truly appreciate all of you.”

Thank you,
Gene Hoglan

Stay tuned for more updates on Dark Angel's potential comeback and the musicians who will possibly participate as news continues to break.

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