If you're recording a solo for a contest, you might wanna make sure your toddler isn't going to want to join in on the action!

The hashtag on the video is #DADDYROCKSOLOCONTEST. As this guy is ripping through a guitar solo, his daughter walks in the room.

You see him tell her no when she is still off camera. That obviously doesn't stop her. She comes in, and wants to get his attention.

Shockingly enough, he continues through the solo as the child is reaching for the guitar, and him. Until it was just too much.

The good news is he didn't fly off the handle. He knew how silly it all was and keeps a smile on this face the whole time.

Apparently strawberry cake is very important in this family!

This is my entry for the #jareddines #daddyrocksolocontest. Obviously didn't go how I planned, but I thought it was fitting. ...Since I'm a dad....and she wouldn't let me play. BUT, I enjoyed coming up with a solo for the song. Real fun song to play to. FYI she was letting me know that the strawberry cake was ready. Over and over.

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