We usually don't have that "we're spending too much on air conditioning" conversation until late July or August at our house. Needless to say, the record-setting temperatures we've experienced over the past few weeks has bumped that conversation up by a month or so.

We all need and want to stay cool but how can you do that when the temperatures have already flirted with triple digits and technically it isn't even summer yet? Believe it or not, setting that thermostat back a few degrees will really pay big for you.

The folks at Entergy have theorized that for every degree you have your air conditioner set below 78 degrees it translates into a 3% more on your power bill. So you could reduce your power consumption and bill by almost 10% just by adjusting the temperature from 72 degrees to 75 degrees.

Another sneaky way your power bill gets increased is by what is known as phantom power. It's the power devices like TV's, entertainment systems, some computers, and other electronic gadgets use even when they're not being used. In some cases, you could lop $100 off of your bill every year just by unplugging these items when you're out of the house.

The folks at Entergy and other utility companies always have more tips posted at their sites online. I suggest you make a mouse click on your energy providers website to see what they say about your particular situation.

Those are just a couple of easy ways you can save money on staying cool as we transition from the hot part of Spring into the hotter parts of Summer.

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