If you are a resident of Louisiana and are an Entergy customer, you've been overcharged for the past 20 years, according to a commission's report.

Also, a refund should be coming your way.

According to KLFY TV10, it appears that a subsidiary of Entergy has been overcharging Louisiana Entergy customers for over 20 years.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission released a report that said the "Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) found System Energy Resources, Inc. (“SERI”), an Entergy subsidiary, overcharged consumers for over two decades and ordered refunds of hundreds of millions of dollars for the Company’s tariff violations."

It also said that millions of dollars in refunds will be given to affected customers.

Entergy customers who were overcharged include Entergy Louisiana customers, Entergy New Orleans customers, and Entergy Arkansas customers.

According to a release from the Louisiana Public Service Commission, Entergy posted a notice on its website that says they will owe no additional refunds. The LPSC says that this statement is inaccurate.

“For reasons unknown, Entergy is attempting to mislead its consumers, investors and the public regarding the consequences of FERC’s findings of unjust and unreasonable conduct by SERI... - Louisiana Public Service Commission

The reason for the overcharge appears to stem from confusion over a tax rate base that wasn't adjusted properly.

We've known about the discrepancy for a few years now, as a judge in 2020 found that Entergy had overcharged its customers. Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission affirmed the judge's decision.

In addition to affirming the judge's decision, the FERC recalculated the amount of money Entergy needs to refund its customers to include additional monies that were not included in the initial tally.

FERC affirmed that decision on Friday, December 23, 2022, but altered the order to include additional refunds for items omitted from the initial decision’s refund calculation. - Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Refund totals for Arkansas customers are to be around $241 million. Entergy New Orleans customers are to receive approximately $190 million in refunds, and the rest of the state, the Entergy Louisiana customers, $160 million.

According to Entergy's website, the company serves approximately 1.1 million customers in Louisiana.

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