NEW INFORMATION: The property in question is not owned by "Tee" Guidry as many have assumed after watching the now-deleted video. The owner, who we have chosen not to identify, says Guidry is a sharecropper on the land. Our original story has been updated to reflect these changes.

After the initial confrontation, the allegation is that Guidry took a cell phone and a set of keys to one of the vehicles belonging to the KLFY employees. The reporter and photographer were unable to leave the property as Guidry was demanding. That explains the potential for theft charges for Guidry. After Lafayette Sheriff's deputies responded, Guidry was handcuffed (but not arrested) as a deputy tried to calm the situation. Lafayette Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. John Mowell describes Guidry as being "irate".

It was at that time that the KLFY crew was able to leave the scene.

KLFY has given no comment on the situation. KPEL has also reached out to Guidry for a response, but so far none has been given.

The original story can be found here.

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