Courtney Love wrote some emotional posts over the weekend directed at her late husband Kurt Cobain. Sharing an old photo of herself, Cobain and their daughter Frances Bean Cobain, Love wrote words of adoration, sorrow, anger and confusion to the late Nirvana singer.

“Makes me feel so sad,” she wrote on Friday. “Our baby is all grown up now. Jesus Kurt look at her face, what on earth were you thinking..⁉⁉ God I miss you, we all miss you #family #memories #turnbacktime #lovehim.” A few days before that Love shared another picture from the same photo session writing "My greatest love and our precious Bean #missyou #memories." You can view those posts and photos below.

On Tuesday of last week, Francis Bean turned 23. Love wished her daughter well on Twitter saying, “Happy birthday my sweetest baby girl, I’m so proud of you.” Shortly after that life event, Love started posting about and to Cobain.

Over the 20-plus years since Cobain died, Love has revealed many things about her feelings towards her late husband and his death. During an interview between Love and Brett Morgen, the director of the documentary (Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck) the singer talked about her love for the Nirvana frontman. “I remembered how much I love him, and it made me really think about a few other people I don’t want to name, but a few other people I’ve been in love with. And should I have married them? The answer is actually no,” shared Love. “Nobody else was as funny. Nobody was as compatible and got my jokes. And you can see it in the film.”

And while it has been over 20 years since Cobain’s suicide, there is still some controversy surrounding his death. Soaked in Bleach, a new docudrama exploring that theory that Love was responsible for Cobain’s death, was released this summer. In June, Love threatened legal action against the movie theaters scheduled to show the film, trying to shut down screenings of the movie. Additionally, both Courtney and Frances Bean issued testimonials to prevent a conspiracy theorist from obtaining never-before-seen photos of Kurt Cobain's death scene.

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