A viral video shows an encounter between police and protesters where one officer attempts to execute an arrest. After deploying a taser while in pursuit of the protestor, the officer in pursuit was stopped by another cop who explained that he was implementing the law incorrectly.


Tensions were rising at a protest as law officers attempted to control the crowd that was seemingly there legally. The protestors were standing on public land and utilizing their freedom of speech, but one officer apparently didn't see it that way.

Bodycam footage shows the officer in question engage with a protestor. The officer initially asks the protestor for his identification, to which the protestor refuses the request. This is when the cop begins to initiate an arrest.


As the officer goes in to apprehend the protestor, the protestor turns and begins to run. The cop initially falls and then gets back up and draws his taser. After unsuccessfully attempting to tase the protestor, the chase continues.

Another officer joins in on the foot pursuit, but as the two chase the protestor back around to where the rest of the group is a Sergeant steps in.

TikTok via @lockedinout
TikTok via @lockedinout

The Sergeant confronts the officer and asks, "What are you doing?". The officer and Sergeant begin discussing why the protestor was under arrest, but they do not see eye-to-eye.

As the Sergeant questions the officer's reason for requesting the protestor's ID, the cop explains that he wanted to issue the man a citation for trespassing. That is when the Sergeant set his fellow officer straight.

Sergeant Sets Officer Straight after He Attempts to Tase and Arrest Protestor

See the original video shared to TIkTok by @lockedinout below.

The video has since been brought over to Twiter where it has sparked many reactions.

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