This is so good.

Watch as Joey Mulinaro, who is a comedian on social media, mocks Brian Kelly's southern accent.

Kelly, who was hired by LSU to lead the football program in Baton Rouge, comes from Notre Dame and doesn't really have any southern ties.

Well, during a recent speech before a crowd at an LSU Basketball game, some say that Kelly put on a fake southern accent to appeal to those down south.

Since that video surfaced many have had some fun with Kelly's attempt to be southern, but no one has had more fun with Coach Kelly's botched accent than Joey on Twitter.

In a parody that he recently produced, you see Nick Saban call Coach Kelly at LSU to congratulate him on his gig in Baton Rouge, but Coach Kelly's accent immediately surfaces.


My favorite line comes at the end when Kelly invites Saban and his wife to his house, as his house is like a church, everyone is invited.

Joey has done many parodies and imitations of celebrities in sports, but in my opinion, this is one of the best. Enjoy!  

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