It doesn't get any more ugly than this.

Watch as a coach in North Texas attacks an umpire at a 10u youth baseball game after he was ejected from the game.

The coach rushed the field after he disagreed with a call, then was ejected from the game.

Immediately after being ejected, the coach shoves the umpire to the ground while lids looked and parents looked on.

Twitter via Peyton Yager
Twitter via Peyton Yager

The umpire told a Texas TV station the following:

“I ejected him, and I held up my hand and said, ‘We aren’t doing this, coach,’” Phelps told Fox 4. “And then he held up his hand to mock me saying, ‘Oh, we aren’t doing this.’ And then he shoved me right in the face, and I fell backwards and hit my head. And I was down for a while.”

The umpire was sent to the hospital after this attack and is recovering from injuries at home. As for the coach, well the incident is being investigated by the police.

The organizer of the tournament has handed the video of the alleged attack over to the police and he is as stunned as anyone,

Here's how it all went down in Texas, at a YOUTH baseball game.

Here's the television report that includes words from the umpire and the event organizer.

Sadly, this isn't the only official to have been attacked in recent weeks. Thus, it is becoming more and more difficult to find folks to referee or umpire sporting events for kids.


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