Playboy magazine’s ‘Miss November’ Ciara Price is a self-described “closet nerd” that has been taking apart computers and putting them back together since the seventh grade. She was the only girl in her computer class and the guys loved that she could keep up with them and speak their language. Ciara is our crush for still being a gorgeous dork all these years later.

Imagine if Ciara followed her passion and stuck with computers. What company wouldn’t want her in the IT department? Actually, probably a great many, since male employees would purposely break their computers just to get Ciara over to their desk for a visit.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what happened. The monitor said the hard drive needed a ‘manual reboot’ so I kicked the tower as hard as I could. Was that not the right thing to do? The computer is under my desk now. I’m going to stand right over you and watch, you know, so I know what to do next time.”






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