The Church Point Police Dept. has a warning for those taking part in the homecoming festivities within the community.

It has become a HOT topic in recent years when it comes to high school students playing "pranks" against their peers during homecoming week. We have seen many homes and yards littered with toilet paper as students engage in these type "turf wars."

Well, the Chief of Police in Church Point says that his department will not tolerate vandalism within the community during homecoming week. As a matter of fact, he tells parents, "If your child is caught in an act of vandalism they will be charged through the Juvenile Division of the District Court.”

Chief Dale Thibodeaux is the latest to address this issue and he has a warning for students and parents in Church Point.

His reasoning for the statement below is because he says that things have gotten out of hand and too many complaints have been reported. Consider yourself warned.

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